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Usability for EBP

We are concerned about usability for EBP. There are two ways to shop in EBP 4.0:

1. Shop (one screen)
2. Shopping wizard (3 step)

We are faced with a decision to select one of the ways to shop or allow both.

What is your recommendation from a usability point of view?

Hi there,
This is a situation each project is faced with during the Blueprint Phase. In each of my EBP 4.0 implementations I've approached this question by looking at the end user group. Because when we talk about usability it's really a question of who's using it. If it's a user that is very accustomed to Web Enabled solutions and is a power user, his UI requirement is different than the user that needs a lot of help every time they create a Purchase Req.

The ideal situation is to create two user groups and based on the user group, assign option 1 or 2. This way you can handle the professional user and the novice user. But the downside to this is the maintenance of the two types of navigation and the support down the road. Also if you're planning to make any UI changes, then allowing two different UI will require you to do developments twice possibly as the templates might be different.

Have you reviewed the options with your Implementation User Group? Some of my projects opted for just Option2 (OneScreen) as it enabled the quick entry of requirements and was rolled out to all users.

Then another project created multiple user groups and provided Option1 to novice users and Option2 to hard hitters.

Sachin Sethi

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