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Uploading data to SAP R/3 without enabling SAP Scripting

An SAP user wants to know how to upload data into SAP R/3 when SAP Scripting is not enabled.

I am trying to upload data into an SAP R/3 system. However, SAP Scripting is not enabled. Still, I want to upload the data. How can I do this without using any software other than Excel and VBA?

Data connectivity with SAP is done usually via RFC directly from the machine you are working on. You can write simple VBA scripts that connect to R/3 via RFC. There is a set of DLL on your Windows machine that is installed along with SAPGUI; this is the proxy bridge to SAP.

To upload data, you only need an RFC enabled function in SAP that receives the data for you.

Alternatively, you can write a small BSP page in SAP and send data via HTTP; that way, you will not need anything installed on the client.

Click here for a very old document of mine that describes in detail how it works.

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