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Upload functionality to load FI Invoice

We are looking into the possibility of various upload functionality to load FI Invoice. We have the standard IDoc in place and feel it's tedious for the vendor to fill in all the data, if we don't have any EDI software and it doesn't do online checks. Like checks carried out if we posted invoice through FB60.

We are looking at the 2nd party tool 'Txshuttle' or BDC programs to upload. Another possibility is adding customized checks in the standard IDoc. We are looking for something that will have the same fields that are required for online entry. We want the rest of the fields to be populated as online with little manual intervention.
Have you thought of a web-based solution? User enters a record in a HTML form, which is and submitted to a BSP page, where it can be processed accordingly. Eventually a result is sent back.

The HTML form could be a BSP that takes the data and hands it over to a converter function module. Instead of using the HTML form you could also upload the data from a file and call the converter FB directly. If you design this all in sufficiently granular modules ("objects") then you simply can put a wedge some place where you switch between HTML input and file input.

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