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Upload data from Excel to R/3 with VBA running under WinXP

We are currently using IT OLE functionality in the SAP GUI frontend as an interface to R/3. To do this we have an Excel macro that processes specially formatted data in a spreadsheet to upload GL documents for posting. We have a similar Excel macro that does the same thing for AP documents. We are upgrading our company to Windows XP. Only the SAP GUI 6.20 release is supported for WinXP. Unfortunately, the IT OLE functionality is no longer included with 6.20. To maintain our business process we had to roll out Win XP with 6.10 of the SAP Gui which still has the IT OLE functions.

We want to migrate this interface to one that will be supported by SAP now and in the future. What tools does SAP have that would make sense to migrate this interface to? The end user still needs the data source to originate from an Excel spreadsheet. The upload interface needs to be on-line because the user needs immediate feedback as to the status of the upload.

I know about some of the BAPI and Java tools out there, but I am not sure what the right tools should be for this type of interface. Can you give me a roadmap as to how this interface should be re-written? Any options you can provide would be helpful.

Since release 3.0E there is a full support of RFC calls from any platform to R/3. This does not require any part of the SAPGUI (However, the necessary Windows libraries are delivered together with SAPGUI on the same CD-ROM). What you need is librfc32.dll (RFC low level C libraries), wdtlog.ocx (Logon Control) and wdtfuncs.ocx (Function Control). For a jump start to RFC on XP simply make a full install of the SAPGUI 6.2 to your workstation. For a detailed technical discussion on RFC calls from Windows and Visual Basic have a look at the materials at http://logosworld.com/netweaver .

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