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Upgrading when development and production is out of sync

We're a 3.0f shop. Like other shops that have been running for several years, before developing a stringent migration strategy, we have a situation where our Development environment is out of sync with our Production. We are planning an upgrade to 4.6D starting in 2002 and are currently evaluating the idea of creating the new 4.6D Development environment from a copy of Production and then performing a config. client copy to distill out Master and Transaction data.... Besides the loss of versioning, do you foresee any other downsides to this one time environment correction?

Not really. The main problem is when you want to work on a program that was changed or created in the old development system. Repairs can be troublesome. You could also export a copy of your production customizing and put it into a new client in the dev/cust system. Then, adjust whatever has gotten out of sync and copy this new client into the old development/customizing client. This way, you don't have to wipe out your dev/cust box. The worse scenario I have been is when the old dev/cust server does not exist anymore and then developers are prompted to create repairs when trying to make changes in the new dev/cust server. As a last resort I had once to rebuild the old dev/cust server and then create a transport for the program in question and tell the system to become an original object once imported into the new dev/cust server. It worked out really well but I did have to resurrect the old server. Fortunately, we never scrapped the backup tape for the old database.

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