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Upgrading to SP03--publication objects

Here is the step-by-step procedure. We follow the standard process of upgrade as given in the SAP Documentation for upgrading to SP03.

We have downloaded 2 SAP .Car Files from service.sap.com. Post download we extract 2 folders for SP03 upgrade purposes. The first folder primarily for Mobile Application Repository Upgrade(MAR) Purpose only and the second folder is for MRS tools and services upgrade and Mobile Development Workstation Upgrade.

1) First, upgrade the Mobile Application Repository(MAR) to SP03 version . Everything is just clicks, no customization is involved here.

2) Post MAR Upgrade to SP03 we now Upgrade the MRS Tools and Services from the MARs tools and services upgrade folder and the . Once the MDW is upgraded succesfully to SP03 is then we generate an application to do an upgrade check and post generation we come to know is that one way or another during the Upgrade SAP Codes manage to enter our CUSTOM codes and then there are errors while debugging the generated application whereas as there are now unrecognized codes generated.

We are unable to get past the Post Generation Process in MAS SP03. Well, the thing is when we upgrade the MAR is when all the codes enter and then we have collisions in MAS which is resolved, and transported to the baseline and then in MAS SP03 is we face problems post generation.

CRM supports the integration of Marketing elements to R3 PS (WBS). The configuration in the CRM seems quite straight forward - but there is no specification as what "Publication" object should be used for the R3 site?

The transfer is setup as automatic or manual, based on project requirements. Go to Transaction CRM_MKTPL. Click on Marketing Project. You should see Transfer to R/3 . Select it. Then select either "Single Marketing Project" or "Marketing Project with Hierarchy." Please make the following settings for Automatic transfer of Marketing elements to R3 PS. In IMG go to Customer Relationship Management À Marketing À Marketing Planning and Campaign Management À System Landscape À Define R/3 Integration Type À Select Middleware (Automatic transfer ) or Online ( Manual Transfer). Automatic transfer kicks in once the Marketing element is released. Please complete the following in SMOEAC transaction: 1) Create a middleware site for your R/3 system 2) Define a Subscription for your R/3 system in SMOEAC 3) Assign a project scenario ( The actual project scenario is created in SAP R/3 Project system customizing)

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