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Upgrading to ECC with Java after installing ABAP only

Can Java be added later if you install ECC 6.0 with ABAP only? Expert Bert Vanstechelman discusses the matter.

With mySAP 2005 ERP ECC 6.0, is correct to say that if you install MySAP 2005 ERP ECC 6.0 ABAP, you may later upgrade this to a MySAP 2005 ERP ECC 6.0 ABAP+JAVA?
You can install an ABAP system today and extend it with a J2EE instance tomorrow. Only keep in mind that the need for an ABAP or ABAP and J2EE instance depends on the business scenarios you intend to use. For every business scenario, the ERP 2005 Master Guide lists the needed components. The ERP 2005 Master Guide is available for download in the SAP Service Marketplace at http://service.sap.com/instguides. You should consult it before taking any decision on the future system layout.

As you already insinuated, the J2EE instance needs a lot of memory. If you can delay its installation, the ABAP stack will temporarily have more memory at its disposal. However, if you install the J2EE instance later, your end-users might complain as the system might be less performant as it was without the J2EE instance. Installing both systems at the same time sets end-users expectations right from the beginning.

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