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Upgrading the kernel in R/3 4.6C

Looking to upgrade the kernel in R/3 4.6C? Basis expert Giovanni Davila advises a user on the steps to complete this task.

I am looking for a complete step-by-step process on how to upgrade the kernel in R/3 4.6C.
The following is an excerpt of my upcoming book, SAP Technical Administration. In it, I list the steps you need to follow to upgrade the R/3 Kernel.

"Updating the Kernel
Make sure you have at least 200MB of free disk space on the SAP instance before doing a Kernel update.

The following steps illustrate how to update the Kernel on a central instance:

1. Download the latest Kernel patch into a temporary directory in your system or network share.
- Note -
If you download the patch via FTP make sure you use binary mode.

2. Unpack the patch using SAPCAR.exe. First, change to the directory you downloaded the patch into and then run SAPCAR –xvf .
C:MydownloadsSAPkernel>sapcar –xvf DW_1509_10001664.sar

3. Stop the SAP central instance and the SAP services. 4. Back up all existing files in the Kernel directory (usrsap sysexerun). This way, you can easily recover the old Kernel in case of problems with the new one. 5. Copy the new Kernel files into the run directory.
- Notes-
If you are running R/3 releases prior to the SAP Web AS 6.20, drop the automatically-generated stored procedures at the database level. Run the following statements:
-- This applies to R/3 before SAP Web AS 6.20 use go

If you encounter ABAP dumps during the execution of certain transactions you might need to run report MSSPROCS via SA38.

After successfully updating the Kernel on the central instance you can update all the dialog instances for the system."

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