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Upgrading; need to set up an emergency transport system

A reader wonders how to configure STMS in order to set up an emergency transport system during an upgrade from R/3 to ERP 2005.

I am doing an upgrade from R/3 4.7x200 to ERP 2005, and we need to establish a second development system based on 4.7 to get an "emergency" transport system. This emergency transport system will be used to import critical notes etc into production during upgrade of Development, Test and Production. Can you please tell me how this should be done? How do we configure STMS in such a way that the new and temporary system can function as described?
The easiest way would be to configure the emergency development system together with production system in one transport domain leaving the others in the original domain. Next, an emergency transport route between the temporary development system and the productive system needs to be set-up.

In the old domain, a transport route already exists between development all the way up to production. If you replace the production system with a virtual production system, all transports imported into acceptance will go to the virtual buffer of the production system. When the productive system is upgraded, it can replace the virtual system in the transport domain. All transports needed for the upgrade can then easily be imported.

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