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Upgrading SAP kernel and support packs in a clustered environment

What's different about SAP upgrades in a clustered environment? Expert Bert Vanstechelman explains.

We have a clustered environment for our R/3 production set up on HP UX 11.23. We have configured SGeSAP. We would like to upgrade the Kernel and support packs. How do we carry out this activity in the clustered environment?
You can carry out the SAP Kernel and support package installation the same as you would in a non-clustered environment. If you set the debug option in SGeSAP, Service Guard will not react if you stop the SAP instance to do the kernel upgrade. Nor will it attempt to restart the instance.

The debug option in SGeSAP is a simple file which needs to be set in the Service Guard / SGeSAP configuration directory:

As root
# touch /etc/cmcluster/<SID>/debug

To re-activate the SGeSAP cluster integration, just delete the file.

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