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Upgrading R/3 4.6C to 4.6D or to R/3 Enterprise?

A new Basis adminstrator has a big task -- he has to research for an upgrade from R/3 4.6C. He seeks advice from Basis expert Giovanni Davila, who recommends that he upgrade to R/3 Enterprise or mySAP ERP 2004 -- and that he get help!

Hi Giovanni,

I'm a new Basis administrator. I've been administering a quite large R/3 4.6C system. Now I'm being asked to upgrade to 4.6D. Where could I find out how? I'm looking for a step-by-step description of the upgrade process.

My advice is that you first consider upgrading to either R/3 Enterprise ext 2.00 or mySAP ERP 2004 -- not 4.6D.

Now, keep in mind that an upgrade is not an easy task and something that only one individual can do if multiple SAP modules are active in the current production environment. Even if it's just a "technical" upgrade.

You can request upgrade CDs/DVDs from SAP. Along with them you will see the Upgrade Guidelines CD, which has useful information and can give necessary technical details on how to proceed with the upgrade. However, that is usually not enough if you're a novice in SAP administration. You need to do a lot of planning and testing to really consider an upgrade. Also, make sure your users are trained properly before switching to the latest release.

I wish you the best in this assignment.

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