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Upgrading B2B from version 2.0b to 3.5 (Enterprise)

I am looking at upgrading B2B from version 2.0b to 3.5 (Enterprise). I would like to find out what additional functionality...

this brings and also what difference there will be on the technical infrastructure?. Am I correct in saying that version 2.0b will only be supported up until the end of the year?

Yes, you are correct that the standard SAP Support for EBP 2.0 is supposed to end this year.

2.0B to 3.5 has a lot of new and exciting functionality. Starting from enhancements to the front-end to actual end-user functionality.

EBP 3.5 is still in a ramp-up stage, where only a few customers will have access to this release. It is the SRM's initial release. So basically all the new SRM functionality can be explored

As far as the architecture is concerned, there should be a lot of new interesting changes. To start off we're already in BASIS release 6.10 with EBP 3.0, so with 3.5 we should be at BASIS 6.20, which includes a number of changes to the core BASIS technology. Then there are all the new components that come with SRM - Supplier Self Service, Dynamic Bidding, Collaborative rooms, etc., for which you will need some integration components, like the SAPM Exchange Infrastructure, SAPM Content Integrator. One of the big additions that companies might explore is SAP Enterprise Portals. Well, well, that would probably require a set of its own infrastructure. So as you can see the EBP 3.5 release has a lot to it.

If you're interested primarily in the EBP side of things, there is a matrix that contains the functionality differences between the various EBP releases. If you email me at sachin.sethi@sealconsult.com I will try to forward you a copy. This is a good document.

Just a couple of thoughts on the Upgrade side:
Considerable changes have been made to EBP technically since release 2.0B 1. Basic Table Structures - Totally changed from what they were. So if you have custom mods, look out.
2. Workflow Technical - the workflow has changed considerably. Functionally & technically.
There are a number of areas to consider, but probably not feasible to discuss here. We might want to discuss offline. Hope this helps!

This was last published in May 2002

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