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Upgrade from 4.0B to Enterprise-Java app failed

An error message arises when upgrading an SAP System from 4.0B to Enterprise Edition applying hot packages. Think Unicode, says Thomas Schuessler.

We are upgrading our SAP System from 4.0B to Enterprise Edition applying hot packages. But another Java and XML based application failed probably because of this. The Java and XML based application is using jco-ntintel-1.1.

Do we need to upgrade the JCO server also? Or is the problem somewhere else?

Details of the error message:


SAP Connection Error Try After Some Time

Detailed Description Of Problem

com.sap.mw.jco.JCO$AbapException: (126) NOT_FOUND: Control area data not found.

I do not know any specific reason why a JCo application should fail when you upgrade to 4.7 other than if you enable Unicode in R/3, in which case you need to change your JCo release to 2.1.1 and read SAP's documentation about using Unicode with JCo.

If Unicode is not the culprit, I would need more detailed information about the specific error you encounter. Upgrading to JCo 2.1.1 would be a good idea in any case.

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