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Updating the CDB tables using the SBDOCs

I am trying to update the CDB tables using the SBDOCs, the table SMORELTER2 in CRM. I have updated the tables SMOTERR without any problems. But while trying the update table SMORELTER2, I am facing problem. I am using notification process by calling the method CL_SMW_SFLOW=>PROCESS_NOTIFICATION, for updating this table. In the message part, I am populating the structure of type /1CRMG0/EMPLOYEE_WRITE, with all details as I have earlier done for SMOTERR. I have also called the FM SMO_SNDBITS_SETX in both cases, with respective info, in this case the struct name is 'EMPTERR' and the bdoc name is 'EMPLOYEE_WRITE.' But I don't know why this is not working for updating SMORELTER2 table and working fine for the SMOTERR table.

Can you please give possible solution for this?
It is difficult to answer the question without knowing your SAP CRM system release. I am assuming that it is CRM 4.0. Please check notes 678289 and 648151.

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