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Updating server name variants

Many of the SAP standard reports have a selection parameter for filename that is defined as 128 characters (RFBIBL00 is a good example). I need to be able to search for a specific server name and replace it in the parameter with a new server name, then update the variant. There are several function modules that return or update report variants but they have a limitation of 45 characters so they won't work (such as RS_VARIANT_VALUES_TECH_DATA and RS_VARIANT_CONTENTS).

It is appears to me that it will be necessary to use Import/Export to retrieve and update the variants. However, I haven't been able to find any documentation on how to do this. I know that the data cluster is VARI. What are the Cluster Ids in VARI and what data do they represent? I have searched the online documentation but have not been able to find anything. Also, if you look at the structure for VARI, one of the fields is Relation ID (RELID). I don't know if that is actually the Cluster ID or something else. For example, in our system, if I look at the entries for program RFBIBL00, I see entries with Relation IDs of VA, VB, and VC. I don't know which to use. Can you give me any help or advice on extracting and updating report variants? The ultimate goal is to write an ABAP program that will do a search/replace of report variants against a range of ABAP report programs.
As there is no documentation for cluster tables. Usually, the only way to find out how they work is look at the source code where SAP have used it themselves. Unfortunately, with variants, the relevant source code is hidden. I suspect that the values can only be accessed using C functions.

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