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Updating an external database from SAP

Which RFC is best for updating tables from SAP? Expert Austin Sincock provides guidance.

Can you tell me how to find which RFC should be used for specific table update?
The first step is to build a JCO server, following the examples provided by the JCO API or my book, Enterprise Java for SAP. The JCO server takes import parameters, structures and can execute JDBC code against an external database. This allows you to store data from any source that can execute the JCO server. Inside SAP, you need to build a user exit or scheduled ABAP program that calls an RFC destination, exporting the data you need to save in your external database. When the JCO server is started, it registers itself with the specific RFC destination you created for it. Once registered, any SAP application that can call an RFC destination canm now pass data to your JCO server.

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