Updating URLs in SAP SRM

An SAP SRM user is looking to update an SRM URL process when implementing or changing a catalog in a live environment in SAP SRM.

My company is researching a better way to update our SRM URL process when we implement or change a catalog in our live environment in SAP SRM.

Currently, we follow the standard SAP configuration process, which enables us to open a live system to make changes. The actual change only takes seconds, but we are running into an issue with compliance approvals (internal controls that we have in place). We are thinking about turning this process into a transportable one and/or creating a custom transaction that will allow us to create URLs quickly in a live system.

Here is the current IMG path process that we follow:

IMG --> SRM --> SRM Server --> Master Data --> Define ext. web service

There are many reasons why customers need to update their organizational structure and web services (catalogs) in production. What I advise is for you to create a transport path for this transaction "Define ext. web service" and promote that to production.

I presume that the Supplier/Internal Catalog might have a "development" and a "production" URL. So what you want to do is name the Web service in development as "XYZ Supplier – DEV" and the one in production as "XYZ Supplier – PRD", then transport both. In "production," ensure that in the organization structure only the "PRD" catalogs are enabled for the users.

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