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Update a table ZTABLE00 in PROD1 with table ZTABLE00 in PROD2

Is there a way to daily update a table ZTABLE00 in system PROD1 with table ZTABLE00 in system PROD2? Should I use IDOCs, RFCs? Does anyone have an example?
There are many possible solutions. If you are already using ALE/IDoc for other purposes, I would use it for this type of replication as well. Otherwise, the initial studying required might not be completely justified (depending on how much you already know about ALE). It would also help to know whether the table is read-only in PROD2 or not. If yes, almost any approach is okay. If not, custom RFC functions for updating PROD2 might be more work than you anticipate (locking, collision mgmt. etc.). As so often in SAP the answer is: "It depends" ... on knowing all the relevant details before being able to give a firm answer.

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