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Underlying table in SAP to capture object changes

Is there an underlying table in SAP that captures changes made to objects? Specifically, I would like to be able...

to identify when an attribute on a Material has been changed.

This is not something you get for free; the application must cater for change recording. Fortunately the Material Master does! If you use MM02 or MM03 to view a material, there is an option to view changes. Look at SE11 for table MARC field XCHAR for example. This has data element XCHAR. Have a look at this and you will see that on the definition tab there is a check in the "Change Document" field. This means that changes to the field can be recorded in change documents.

Transaction SCDO allows you to manage change documents. For materials, the object is MATERIAL. To get the changes programmatically, use function module MATERIAL_CHANGE_DOCUMENTATION, which is documented by SAP.

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