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Undergraduate looking to break into SAP

I am an fresh undergraduate with an interest in pursuing a career in SAP. Where do I start? Being a fresher I am only left with the option of pursuing ABAP or BASIS. Though I do not have experience as an systems/network administrator, I am a Solaris-certified system administrator; therefore i am familiar with the administration tasks. Now, will that be enough of a prerequisite for me to do BASIS, or do you advice me to do ABAP? Please do suggest any alternative modules too (in SAP).
I selected this question because someone else sent me a comment saying I don't answer questions from those who don't already have SAP experience. Whoever wrote that, you should take a deeper look through the archives. I have addressed the challenge of breaking into SAP from all kinds of angles in this column. In my frequently answered questions for this column I address that question also. Now and again, I hear from a reader like this one, who is a fresh college graduate. My advice is always the same. Especially right out of college, there's no need to limit yourself to SAP. Go where the opportunities are! Take the most challenging ones you can! You can worry about establishing a core set of technical skills as your career picks up steam. Why limit yourself to SAP? But, assuming you are determined to break into SAP, clearly, your experience in network administration sets you up to pursue SAP Basis work. You will want to refer to the other Basis question I answered this month for more of my thoughts on pursuing a skills niche in SAP Basis. I would go for Basis over ABAP. You have more relevant skills on the Basis/Network admin side, and Basis positions are less likely to be outsourced. Don't forget about the Web Application Server platform either. Learn as much as you can about the latest versions of SAP. As far as functional modules are concerned, I'm not going to recommend one because there are good careers in all of them. You need to go to where the opportunities for hands-on work are, and try to find the best balance between the positions you are offered and the technology areas you are most interested in. Good luck!

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