Unable to run simulation of SAP HR payroll because of employee absence issues

An SAP administrator is having problems running a simulation of the payroll function in SAP HR. Get information on /841-paid vacation, which deals with employee absences and get help with SAP .HR and payroll problems.

When I run SAP HR Payroll for a simulation, the log indicates that there is no currency with "/841-paid vacation."

I checked the schemas, wage types and symbolic account, but it still does not allow me to run payroll. What could be the cause of this?

/841 and paid vacation deal with absences in SAP HR. You can evaluate absences in the payroll schema. However, the settings still come from the Personnel Time Management module.

Check for timetables, such as T554C, for paid vacation to ensure that a molga is associated with this absence. If the correct molga is associated with this absence, eliminate the absence and run the payroll simulation again to see if that is indeed the issue.

Sometimes error messages are misleading. If there is still an error, look further up in the schema. If the error no longer occurs, further research the vacation absence.

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