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USER RESPONSE: Roles appearing in Workplace

This is a follow up on the original question:

"When using Workplace as the central system in a CUA environment, is there any way to prevent particular roles from appearing in the Workplace Launchpad? For example, we want a power user with lots of access through the GUI to only be able to see their ESS role through the Workplace web browser."

Here is some user feedback from searchSAP user Steve Harrold:

You say that to allow a power user with a GUI access to see lots of roles, but the same user via Workplace should see only limited roles is not practical. I would disagree.

The user with his GUI access will login directly to specific R/3 systems, and while on those systems, he would have roles allowing him to do many things. When the same user logs on to Workplace, he would see only the roles set up for him on the Workplace server, and that could be a very different and limited set. When using Workplace as the SSO logon, the user can only see and only use the roles as they have been established on Workplace, regardless of what other roles might be assigned to him on the component R/3 systems.

The technique is to create a role on the desired R/3 system that provides only the limited capability, and to also create the more powerful roles for the power user access. Copy only the limited capability role to Workplace. Then, the userid on the R/3 system would be given all the roles, while the same userid on the Workplace server would be given only the limited role.

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