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UNIX or NT environment for SAP R/3

What is the criteria on how to decide whether we will go for a UNIX or NT environment, for SAP R/3?

This decision is reached after carefully examining the company's business plan and its bugdet to implement SAP. A key factor to whether use Unix or the Windows platform (NT/Windows 2000) is to know what database (RDBMS) you want to use. Example: Oracle runs well on both Unix and NT whereas MS-SQL Server will run only on Windows and not Unix. Another key is to know what hardware will be used. Also consider what SAP components the company wants to use. Will it require ITS (Internet Transaction Server)? This only runs on Windows platforms.

My advice is to consult with SAP and let them know your business plan so you can size the systems. If you want to learn more about SAP on NT then visit: http://www.r3onnt.com

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