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Troubleshooting code for a data transport from ABAP to the workflow container

Learn troubleshooting code for a data transport from ABAP to the workflow container from workflow and webflow expert Alon Raskin.

I am having trouble passing data from an ABAP program to the workflow container by using the following code:

swc_set_element my_container 'ElementName' ElementValue

I am placing the actual container element name in the "ElementName" section of the code and the value in the "ElementValue". What else can I look for that could be the problem?

Check the following:

* Is the element on the workflow marked as Importing?
* Are you passing the container into the WF (I assume via some FM or event). This is a simple question, I know, but always worth checking.
* Is the element a multi-line? If so, then use swc_set_table like this:

Swc_set_table container 'ElementName' table_element.

This was last published in August 2005

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