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Transporting distribution models to a new client

Learn from IDoc expert Axel Angeli how to transport distribution models to a new client.

I have to carry out a client configuration copy of my system xxx from 320 to 370 to make them in sync. Here the problem is client 370 contains the distribution models and partner profiles related to data distribution from another system yyy330 to xxx370.

As these will be overwritten, I want to transport the distribution models and partner profiles to another client xxx300 and re-transport them into xxx370 after the copy from xxx320. Can you help?

A distribution model is centrally maintained. Every system and client in the scenario has its own distinct name maintained in table T000. So your distribution scenario will survive the client copy, but there will be no relationship to your new 370 client. If you want to exchange data, simply add the necessary routes to the scenario and re-distribute it appropriately.

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