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Transporting WE20 settings

What's the best way to create a transport request for a partner running WE20 settings in SAP R/3 version 4.7? Expert Axel Angeli offers suggestions.

How can I create a transport request for a trading partner (WE20) in R/3 4.7? It looks like SAP has eliminated this functionality. Please provide some advice.
It has not been eliminated; it just doesn't make any sense! The WE20 profiles are entries that define the route between the own system and a partner. Your development system is not the same as your productive system, so a transport would transport the r route between your development system to the partner. What you want is a route from your productive system to the partner, so you have to define it in the target system correctly.

Imagine the WE20 more like a firewall or network setting. These settings have to be defined IN EVERY SYSTEM: It...

is also meant to aktivate/deactivate certain connections.

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