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Transitioning from data entry to qualified SAP trainer

I have been working with SAP for about 2 years on a data entry level and am interested in becoming a qualified SAP trainer. I have no IT background, but I have been involved in a SAP rollout and have done a little one-on-one training. The modules I have experience in are SD and MM. What do you recommend I do in order to make the transition into training?

The SAP training market is pretty soft right now. You really don't want to venture into it as a contractor, so your options are limited to full time employment. If another company will hire you as a full time trainer based on your current skills, then that might be a nice way forward for you. This would have to be a position on a large implementation - outside of the largest implementations, very few SAP end-users have full time SAP training positions. But it wouldn't hurt to send your resume to these types of openings and see if you get any bites. If you don't, you might need to redouble your efforts to get more SAP exposure - of any kind - on your current project. You have built up a certain amount of goodwill with your current employer. At least, I hope you have, and now may be the time to cash in on that goodwill by lobbying for more significant SAP exposure. If you can do this in such a way that you look like a team player who wants to make a bigger contribution, it could go over well. If you come off as someone looking to score some hot new skills and leave, then that tactic won't be too effective. Don't be too particular about what type of work you are offered - as long as it's SAP-related and steepens your learning curve, then go for it.

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