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Transfering case sensitive fields between legacy system and R/3

I need to compare two text fields during loading of data from a legacy system into an R/3 system. The content of the external fields are in upper case while the R/3 contains a mix of upper and lower case. The select is as follows:
SELECT SINGLE vkbur INTO (iall-vkbur)
FROM tvkbt WHERE bezei = iall-zvkbur_t
AND spras = 'E'.
With this select the sy-subrc is 4 because nothing is found. Is there a way to change the command the way that the select is independent from upper/lower case?

There is no ABAP way of doing this directly (though it may be possible using EXEC SQL, depending on your environment.) The solution I'd suggest would be to read the whole of tvbkt into an internal table of the same structure + an extra field to hold the uppercase version of vkbur. Loop through your table, translating to upper case.

Then use READ TABLE ... WHERE ... instead of the select single.

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