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Transfer rules, transfer routines and conversion routines

Expert Sam Gassem defines transfer rules, transfer routines and conversion routines within InfoObjects and SAP BW.

What is the difference between a transfer rule and a transfer routine? Are any standard routines available, like conversion routines?
When you have maintained the transfer structure and the communication structure, you use the transfer rules to determine how you want the transfer structure fields to be assigned to the communication structure InfoObjects. You can arrange for a 1:1 assignment. You can also fill InfoObjects using routines, formulas, or constants.

A transfer routine is built on the individual mapping of InfoObjects if any additional logic needs to be appli...


Conversion routines are used in SAP BW so that the characteristic values (key) of an InfoObject can be displayed or used in a different format to how they are stored in the database. They can also be stored in the database in a different format to how they are in their original form, and supposedly different values can be consolidated into one.

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