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Training a very diverse audience

My company is in the process of implementing iTutor to complement Instructor Led Training and SAP KW to store our training material. Our end user community comes from a very diverse backround, literacy-wise. What approach should we follow in order to cover such a diverse community when we develop and deliver end user training?

The foremost rule when developing training is to build your documents that meet the needs of the lowest common denominator. Use simple, plain English. Avoid colloquialisms, slang, or speech that might seem common to you but not to a diverse audience. Always start your sentences with a command verb such as Click x button or Double-click to enter the screen, or Select the xxx radial button. The use of iTutor will ehance your training actually because it will allow the end users to see the screens and if they need help, the actions to e taken on the screen. Uploading to KW will be a plus because you can link it to your Help>application help function within SAP and the end users can then see the iTutor scripts and online docuemntation when they need help at their desks or on the job. Good Luck!

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