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Tracking daily deductions for absences

Is there a way to record day-by-day time deductions for absences? Expert Roger Cerini addresses the issue.

I have a question about operations in time evaluation. I have had a long email correspondence with SAP via SAP Service Marketplace but they have not been able to answer my question. Hopefully you can help me.

It seems to be the case that you are not able to retrieve information about how much of a time recording is deducted from which quota unless you make a lot of calculations.

Example: You have the following two quotas and the following order on the deduction-rule:

10 - Vacation with compensation (20 hours)
20 - Vacation without compensation (20 hours)

One full day recording equals 7.4 hours and you have only one absence- type 0080 - vacation.

The employee now makes a three full day recording of vacation (22,2 hours)

In this case:

20 hours should be deducted from quota 10
2.2 hours should be deducted from quota 20

If you go to transaction pa61, pick the quotas and look at the deduction, you are able to see that the quotas are deducted correctly.

Now the question: is there an operation that allows me to save the deductions day by day? I need to locate the 2.2 hours.

SAP suggested the OUTAQ Decision operation and HRS=F operations but they are not relevant to what I am trying to do.

I think that there is not a function available to query the daily deduction amounts of absences from the absence quotas, since the quota deduction happens online as soon as you save the absence (i.e., without having to execute time evaluation). I think the only way to keep track of daily deductions is (as you seem to have already done) to keep counting the relevant absence types and amounts daily and storing them into time types.

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