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Tracking appraisal due dates

What is the best way to track appraisal due dates? Also, what is the best approach for notifying managers about specific employee appraisal due dates?
You can do this several ways. One way is to base the appraisal date off the employee's anniversary date. You can have a custom program that runs nightly/weekly checking the employee's anniversary date. You can use the program to trigger a Workflow event for the employees who need an appraisal performed. Tip: You want this program to look for future anniversaries at least 2 weeks out to give the appraisers time to prepare. You could also send the appraisee notification of the upcoming appraisal.

The Workflow can be built with deadline monitoring to help provide continues status/task monitoring to help insure completion of the appraisal and approval. Although some of this is custom Workflow, you can use the standard Workflow for forms of appraisals, approving and following up an appraisal (WS 10000105). This will help reduce the amount of Workflow development. The form linked to the appraisal model on which the appraisal is based determines whether or not the approval process is triggered for the appraisal. For more information, refer to the SAP Library (HR - Human Resources -> PA - Personnel Management -> Personnel Development -> Workflow Scenarios om Personnel Development (PA-PD) -> Approving and Following Up an Appraisal (PA-PD).

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