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Top three simulation applications

What do you consider to be the top three simulation applications to use with SAP and why?

Thanks for the question! I have used PTS On Demand, iTutor and Resite. I find each of them to have their uses, especially for training deltas due to releases or upgrades. They are also useful to sit on a server and be accessed at any time or be part of a Knowledge Mgt product that can be accessed via help. The files are usually large, and time consuming to record. If there is an error when recording, you are usually better served to start over then to try and fix what you got. You still need a system to record them on and what it populated with realistic and useful data to ensure teh screen cams are relevant. You would have to due some Cost Benefit Analysis on each of those products, and taking into account your audience, determine the best product for your company.

I do not find them to be useful for new Rollouts with users who are PC illiterate or even those who have not used such a complex software as SAP. It limits the amount of decision points and interactivity end users need with a live training system.

This was last published in May 2002

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