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Tools for bulk change of core fields etc.

When I conduct introductory training to SAP users on PM in our small firm, I keep telling them that somehow or...

the other, SAP expects you to ask "the Right Q" so that you get the "the Right A". I am not sure if I am asking the right Q in this instance. But here we go... I have the unenviable task of introducing the system as well as to train people and to be the Business Analyst as well as manage the data, develop the master records, set up Planned Maintenance program etc for some 60,000 eqpt that makes up our little company, set up workflow do Business process improvements and all that. We run 4.5B. Tools such as IBIP just are not good enough to manage a quality controlled data upload facility. Also, the so-called 'knowledge based TaskList explosion' isn't what it claims to be. No, I am not here to bury SAP but to praise it. Can you help me? Are there any tools, procedures, addons, plug-ins or whatever that will help me deal with bulk change of core fields, long texts etc in PM? Also, field data measurements need to be transferred to SAP as pre-canned documents. Is there some way of making these docs appear as a part of shop paper printing?

My initial response was - use IBIP. But you've said that isn't up to the job. There are any number of vendors who will be glad to assist you, and tell you that their tools will do what you need. If IBIP does not do the job for you, I your only other route is to develop your own solutions, using BDC and BAPIs.

This was last published in April 2002

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