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To use RAID 5 or not?

I'm in the process of implementing a new 4.6c system sometime in Feb 2002. I currently have been running 3.1i on a k460 using disk mirroring, drive to drive.

In our new system, I would love to run raid 5, however I have been advised that this is not recommended by SAP. I don't understand why SAP really should care. It's more oracle than anything else. Would you please give me some recommendations on the type of disk array please. Was just considering raid 5 for oracle and use conventional raid one for logs, archives, system.

Actually RAID 5 is the best recommendation for the R/3 database files. In a nutshell, here is what's recommended:
- RAID 1 (mirror set) for all SQL Server software and TempDB.
- RAID 5 (stripe set with parity) for all database files.
- RAID 1 (mirror set) for all transaction log files.

I don't know what type of hardware you have or will be buying. But, you can always check with the vendor so you can decide what is best for you and fits in your budget.
Another thing to evaluate is: local vs network storage.
If you're running R/3 on the Windows platform check http://www.r3onnt.com

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