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Tips on SAP file formats for electronic funds transfers

A SearchSAP.com reader in charge of running an Internet banking platform on SAP wants to know what SAP file formats SAP supports and what the file structures are for file imports and exports.

I am in charge of running an Internet banking platform and my clients on SAP want to find out if our platform can support SAP file formats for electronic funds transfers and statement downloads.

What formats does SAP support and, if possible, what are the file structures for file imports and exports?

SAP is generally open for any file format.

The standard exchange format of SAP core applications is the SAP IDoc format which is a structured flat file format with fixed length record length. SAP ABAP is also able to convert the IDoc format from and to XML. In addition, SAP has the SAP PI (Process Integration) framework that allows exchanging data with most common exchange formats by plugging in appropriate adapters. In the case of banking the adapters are most likely delivered from Seeburger; this will include SEPA, SWIFT and other commonly used formats in banking.

In addition SAP can also deliver content for EDIFACT messages.

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This information is very useful for what I am working on right now. Thanks..nice 2