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Timeout when calling BAPI

I'm using radio frequency handheld devices that connect online to R/3 through a middleware similar to SAP Console. There is a timeout parameter that breaks connection to SAP if SAP is not responding for too long. The parameter can't be extended to more than about 3 minutes. The RF device runs a custom SAP transaction that posts production order confirmation through BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT. As production orders have tons of backflushed components, all of which fire up batch searching, it happens that call to the BAPI takes longer then the maximum timeout. Is there any way to call the BAPI in update task, e.g. by putting some kind of a wrapper update function module around the BAPI? If so, how to make sure the BAPI call will be successful e.g. locks can be set inside the BAPI?

The basic question is whether you need anything back from the BAPI. If not, simply write an RFM with the same interface that accepts the data, calls the BAPI in ABAP with "STARTING NEW TASK", and returns to the caller. If you do need data back from the BAPI, you will probably have to make the communication asynchronous in the middleware you are using (which sounds like considerable effort to me!)

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