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Time scheduling in APO

I have some planned orders in APO that have a finish time on a Saturday morning which is the end of the Friday 18:00 to 06:00 shift. However, R/3 will not recognise this time, and puts the finish date and time to exactly 24 hours before the APO finish date and time. When a change is made on the R/3 side, this date is sent back to APO, causing multiple loading on the scheduling board. I have tried creating the shifts in R/3 to map APO, but this does not seem to work. My clients are reluctant to fix orders in APO, and they want to stick with the resource setting of finish on a non working day. Any ideas on what I can do to get R3 recognising the Saturday date, or if not, are there any other options in APO?

To synchronise R/3 scheduled dates and APO scheduled dates, observe these prerequisites:

APO does scheduling based on the PPM and the Resource calendar. When the order is transferred to R/3, basic date scheduling is carried out and it uses the factory calendar at this point in R/3. So, if you have Resource calendar has saturday as working day in R/3, and even if the corresponding work center in R/3 has the same calendar with saturday as working day, you still can't get the order to be scheduled on a saturday in R/3 if the factory calendar assigned to the plant does not have saturday as a working day. So, if you make Saturday as a working day in the Factory calendar assigned to the Plant, the order will be scheduled on a saturday. However, this will have other implications as the Factory calendar assigned to the plant is used in other functions like purchasing etc.

The other option is to adopt lead time scheduling in R/3 every time a planned order is published in R/3. You need to apply some patches to achieve this.

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