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Time frame for migrating data into DW from a legacy BW system

Legacy systems have massive amounts of data that needs to be migrated when updating to another system. Our expert answers how long a project like that can take and recommends some good books about the subject.

I am currently working as the functional consultant on an implementation of SAP BW. The client has been using a legacy system for the past 30 years and now wants to migrate the data to a DW and then use SAP BW for querying and reporting. Please help me in following queries:

1. How should I approach this project for it to be complete within three months?
2. Can you recommend any good books for SAP BW functional consultants related to knowledge of SAP BW and implementation methodology?

I would be grateful for your response please.

The time frame for implementing BW depends on many factors. Mainly, how many applications need to be implemented, how much data volume and the reporting requirements. Without knowing these details, it will not be possible to say how long the implementation will take. Thirty years of legacy system data might be huge in volume and to migrate all these to BW will take much longer than three months.

There are many BW books available in the market. A couple of them are SAP BW Data Retrieval by Norbert Egger and team also Mastering SAP Business Information Warehouse by Kevin McDonald.

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