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These days, is Java knowledge required for an ABAP programmer?

Learn how important it is for an ABAP programmer to have Java skills on today's job market.

I am ABAP team leader and we are currently implementing mySAP EP. We have to develop a portal by using Web Dynpro. Is Java knowledge required for an ABAP programmer?
Java is not required for some ABAP projects, but the more you get into the Web Dynpro and Enterprise Portals areas, the more it is helpful to also have some good Java know-how. I have written on the ideal ABAP skill set many time, so check the archives, but the best skill set will combine ABAP with Web-based programming tools.

Basically, if you can get some training or research into the latest NetWeaver development environment, you'll have your answer. There are already books that are helpful in this regard, check an online bookstore and do keyword searches for "mySAP" and "NetWeaver" and you'll see some good ones.

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