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The prospects for SAP BW

Wondering how the future looks for SAP BW? Put your fears aside and check out this expert response by Sam Gassem.

What is the future of SAP BW? Is it going boom for another five to ten years in the market? I am planning to learn it.
I think the future of SAP BW is bright, especially with new stuff they have brought into 2004s.

The following new capabilities are delivered with SAP NetWeaver 2004s:

  • Enhancements to Business Planning and Analytical Services
    • Fully integrated BI and Planning Solution
    • Model-driven planning application building
  • Enhancements to Enterprise Reporting, Query, and Analysis
    • Formatted Reporting and enhanced Ad-hoc Analysis
    • BI application building in Excel
  • Enhancements to enterprise data warehousing
    • High performance analytics (BI accelerator) allows faster data access
    • Flexibility by enhanced data modelling capabilities
  • Implementing a federated portal network
    • Portal federation enables content sharing between portals
    • Creating a virtual single content pool
  • Enhanced administration capabilities to operate large mobile landscapes
    • New template based device setup (software installation and initial data distribution)
    • New capabilities for device configuration, monitoring and error analysis
  • Enhancements to business task management
    • Local departments can create and execute automated procedures that generate off- line forms-based tasks
  • Enhancements to enabling B2B processes
    • Enhanced adapters and mappings allow the step-by-step replacement of SAP Business Connector by SAP NetWeaver
  • Developing a Web-based user interface with Web Dynpro for ABAP
    • Web Dynpro UIs can now be developed directly in the application system's ABAP workbench
  • Enhancing ABAP applications
    • New ABAP enhancement framework allows enhancements of SAP applications by customers without code modifications
  • Switch Framework
    • Simultaneous delivery and updates of all core and industry solution functionality in one SAP system

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