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The future of NetWeaver

Axel Angeli makes some predictions on the future of SAP NetWeaver.

What is your take on the future of NetWeaver?
This is a very generic question. NetWeaver is SAP's next generation of software where it definitely goes the road of the Service Oriented Enterprise. Currently, most Netweaver products apart from the R/3 line are still somehow immature but they are rapidly improving.

I encourage everyone to get the skills in Web services and know ABAP and Java equally well. I see Java as a tribute to the community, while ABAP is certainly the more powerful platform right now. SAP is going to work on the "Unbreakable Java" -- this means SAP NetWeaver will receive a Java runtime that can be controlled from the outside, like IBM Websphere has it for long time.

The most needed skill today is XI 3.0, while WebDynpro is more for those who are already working in the front-end design arena.

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