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The disadvantages of using BAPIs vs. BDCs

Are there any scenarios where BAPIs are preferred over BDCs? Learn Axel Angeli's opinion in this Q and A.

We are integrating an external E-procurement system with SAP 4.5B and we are evaluating whether BDCs or BAPIs would be appropriate for real-time integration or PO, vendor and material master and such. We will be using an EAI broker.

We understand BDC. How does it compare with using standard or customized BAPI? What are the situations in which one would choose a BAPI over a BDC?

The major disadvantage of BAPIs could be error handling. When a BDC (aka BTCI) fails, you can replay the data entry flow "openly," allowing end users to add and manipulate the data. I would not choose a BAPI over BDC.

The problem with BDC may be that the data is so diverse that it is difficult to predict the screen sequences under any circumstances. So BAPIs are ready-to-use solutions, and BDCs you have to design, but the latter are often what you really need.

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