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The business information warehouse outlook: SAP BW 3.5 vs. SAP BW 7.0

The SAP BW 7.0 and NetWeaver 2004s outlook by SAP BI/BW expert Jay Narayanan.

Can you tell me the major differences between SAP BW 3.5 and SAP BW 7.0? Is SEM integrated with 7.0? I know that 7.0 is hitting the market in another couple of months. Does that make any major changes for the companies that are running BW 3.5?
BW 7.0, the next release of SAP BW, is a part of NetWeaver 2004s. Meanwhile BW 3.5 is a part of SAP NetWeaver 2004. It is not SEM which is integrated in BW 7.0, but BPS, which provides planning functionality.

With BW 7.0 integrated planning functionality is one of the major changes. There are many more differences between BW 3.5 and BW 7.0. Netweaver 2004s is in the ramp-up stage and will be available for general release in May 2006. Many companies will implement Netweaver 2004s.

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