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The SAP approach for FI+CO-PA integration

We are running a 4.7 upgrade together with activities to replace BDC input with IDOC input. We are evaluating XI and Webspere for flat file conversion to IDoc. The IDoc that most resembles our input file (and how FI is structured, with BKPF, BSEG, etc.) is FIDCCP01 (or 02 dependent of version).

This IDoc doesn't contain the COPA-data, which is a big problem. The other alternative is ACC_DOCUMENT01 (or 02), which contains CO-PA, but is more open to external communication and does contain fields that are at a higher level than we control the FI-data. This IDoc is very hard to map against and also missing fields that we need for control, like posting keys etc.

What is the SAP approach for FI+CO-PA integration?
Well you gave the answer: ACC_DOCUMENT01 is SAP's approach. One question: Why do you want to replace BDC, is it no longer working well? Don't give too many of SAP's promises. They are doomed to abandon BDC, but it won't happen soon.

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