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Texts on best practices for upgrades and migrations

Learn about new texts related to upgrade and migration best practices in this expert tip from SAP upgrade guru Bert Vanstechelman.

Hi Bert,

I'm thinking about purchasing the Best Practices for Upgrades and Migrations guide from SAP Professional Journal. There are sections on upgrading to R/3 Enterprise -- are these applicable to mySAP ERP 2004/5? If not, are you working on a related resource?

Most of these items are indeed applicable to my SAP ERP2004/5. However, a colleague and I are currently working on a book on SAP upgrades. We delivered our manuscript to the editor just a few days ago. I assume that it is going to be announced in the next few weeks.

The ERP Project Upgrade Guide is going to be published by SAP themselves. Keep an eye on SAP PRESS.

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