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Technical settings required to replicate data to the EBP system

Looking to replicate material and vendor data from the back end to an EBP system? SRM expert Sachin Sethi advises a user who is a beginner with mySAP SRM.

I am in the training phase of SRM 4.0. I am trying to replicate material and vendor data from the back end to the EBP system, but for some reason I am just unable to do it.

The system freezes every time I try to replicate using the option, "replicate internally only," and if I use the other option, which is only transferring R/3 numbers, it says no vendors found. Are there any technical settings that we need to configure in order to process the replication?

Hi Sundeep,
Once you have the business partner number range configuration complete, and the appropriate Org Structure for Vendors created in EBP, you can execute the BBPGETVD transaction to replicate the vendors. If you get any errors, please review "SLG1" for application logs.

Please note that the materials are replicated within SRM via the middleware and not a transaction like BBPGETVD. Review the middleware guide for those settings.

Sachin Sethi

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