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Technical consultant seeks raise

SAP technical consulting rates are dipping -- quickly. In this expert response by Jon Reed, you can find out how to raise your salary as an SAP consultant.

I have been an ABAP/technical consultant the last 10 plus years, mostly in non-HR modules. As of late, the consulting opportunities and rates have steadily been decreasing. What would be a NEW skill that can make me stand out from the crowd in today's SAP consulting market?
Most ABAP consultants in search of better rates look to make a move to the functional side of SAP. I would agree with that. Over time, an ABAP person can learn a lot about the functional side of SAP, and the more functional experience you can get, the better in terms of your rates.

Over time, you might be able to land a techno-functional contract, perhaps with a smaller company that likes to combine such roles, and then after that, find a role that is focused fully on the functional side. I'll bet you'll see a bump in rates. Moving to functional is probably more important than just picking a marketable area off the dart board. Functional rates are better across the board and which area you move into depends on what you know the most about already.

Another way to boost your rates on the contract side is to master state-of-the-art development tools like Mobile Development, Portals Development, and the NetWeaver Development Studio. Those areas might boost your rates some. Finally, some folks help their rates by taking on team lead roles on the technical side, which tend to pay better also.

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