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TCO advantage: Oracle or DB2 for an SAP installation?

Weighing the options between Oracle and DB2? Veteran SAP expert Joshua Greenbaum advises an SMB that's deciding between the two for an SAP installation.

Is there a TCO or cost/technical advantage of choosing Oracle or DB2 for mid-sized SAP installations?

Please disregard the Basis skill-set, as Oracle and DB2 are in use. We need to choose one over the other.

It's hard to say in general which is more advantageous for the mid-size customer. The fact that both require database admin resources means that they can be less than ideal for the lower-end of the SAP mid-sized customer base.

Clearly, Oracle gives you a wider choice of hardware, and that might be an isssue for your company. But in general I believe that, aside from the skill-set issue, neither one has an advantage over the other.

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