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Suggestions for preparing a trend report

Learn best practices for SAP trend reports. BI/BW expert describes how to prepare these reports including closing period data.

We have a 13-column trend report in BW -- 12 months rolling, plus a 12 month total column. The selection screen asks for the month you want to start with. The column calc is 'selection month +1', 'selection month +2', etc.

We run into issues during closing periods. While we are interested in seeing info for the only the months in the year through the closing month, when we are viewing this trend report on the first few days of the next month, it shows that data. Besides creating another report, or not loading the next month's data for a few days, do you have any other suggestions?

This can be resolved with the help of variables, user exits and restricted key figures, provided you are storing the previous closing month in BW. In the user exit, you can check for this month and pass the value of the closing month to the variable which will give you the desired result.

If you are using this approach and still having issues, it could be the case that the values you are seeing in the beginning of the month are valid. In most of the applications you will see transactions happening for a few more days for the past period, even after the period is past but not yet closed. Most business take 2-3 days into the new period to close past period. Check with your business users and see if this is happening, and if so, ask them for a decision on these transactions.

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